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My Sales School of Hard Knocks

I started my sales career back in 1985 at a private golf community in Williamsburg VA. I was hired as a new sales consultant to sell developer lots and homes in a large 2,000+ acre private community.  The lots started at $75,000 and the homes started at $350,000. I knew nothing of how to really sell.  I had no idea how to deal with customers.  I didn't know the inventory.  I just knew this was my opportunity to get into the sales game and make some money.  I had the heart of a lion!

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Sales Preeminence in 2017

My name is John Weber and I have been selling Multi-Million homes for over 30 years.  I have always said that our type of selling was the purest there is because we were under so much pressure, the customer didn't want to talk to us and the homes were $1,000,000.  We got the job done and made the sale!  Not every time, but enough to make us superstars!

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