Sales Preeminence in 2017

The Thoroughbred in full stride

The Thoroughbred in full stride

Sales Preeminence in 2017

Definition of preeminence:   Noun ;  The fact of                                           surpassing all others; superiority.

My name is John Weber and I have been selling Multi-Million homes for over 30 years.  I have always said that our type of selling was the purest there is because we were under so much pressure, the customer didn't want to talk to us and the homes were $1,000,000 +.  We got the job done and made the sale!  Not every time, but enough to make us superstars!

It's like the photograph above.  We were like the thoroughbred in motion.  When they are running full out, thoroughbreds are a thing of beauty.  You see his ears pinned back?  That animal is NOT going to lose! Trained each and every day.  The best nutrition and the best possible conditions.  They are operating for optimal result.  They simply have preeminence over others in the race. Just like a sales professional when things are going well.  You want to win every time you step into the ring.  Something has changed though.......The buyer is a new breed!  They have something new.  INFORMATION and technology.

I have been teaching sales training to some of the best sales people around and I have read all the books and been to the seminars.  I have been in the ring and I have sold millions of dollars worth of luxury real estate.  Motivation and goals!  That is what many sales trainers are selling.  I am speaking of the sales trainers and the sales consultants.  They seem to pack people into rooms and tell them to set goals and rah rah you to death.

Sales people are frustrated!  Now don't get me wrong.  There are some good consultants and trainers out there.  But, many of them push the motivation game. From my experience sales people want to know how to sell.  In this day and age with information and technology is giving the customer the upper hand.  Sales people want to know how to deal with this new breed of buyer.  The "hard closing" days are over!  Good luck trying to "hard close" a customer today with a high ticket sales item.

John Weber Coaching - Born to Sell

In the past 4 months I have been to a sales seminar, and I sat through several training sessions.  I got the same feed back by many who attended.  Where's the beef?  Very little content and a lot motivational ideas.  If this sounds like something you have been through then I am hopeful that my coaching and sales blog can help.

We are going to delve into the depths of what makes todays customer tick.  What is he looking for?  What does he hate?  How in the world can you keep up in this new tech world we live in?  How in the world am I going to deal with this NEW type of customer??  Today's information age customer is different and I can prove it!  Many of the best so-called sales people are high energy people who have a knack for selling people.  When I ask people, "Do you think you can sell like that?" they always say the same thing. "Well that's his style, I can't really do that". Isn't about time to develop your own style to deal with today's customer? We are going to work together and make you understand how to deal with people in todays' world and oh by the way, we are going to teach you how to sell!  I am going to educate and entertain you like no other!

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