The Sales Game Has Changed!

Trust is Dead

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No More Hard Closing with Bad  Techniques 

I Believe

I Believe in challenging the status quo of the sales and marketing industry where salespeople try to grasp a changing world using old tactics and strategies. I believe in thinking differently than ever before. The world is a different place where the customers feel they are on a level playing field using today’s technology with the sales professionals of the world.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales 2.0 is designed for the contrarians who can share our belief to reinvent and modernize an industry that uses dated sales materials and old pitches.

I believe we can be a catalyst to achieve change, where sales professionals of integrity can help solve their customers real problems, form lasting relationships and make a difference in their lives.

A New Way to Win

Are you tired of working with horrible leads? Are you forced to spend thousands to buy bad leads on and Zillow? Not sure where to turn?

Tired of rejection? Sick of the lack of customer loyalty? Are you tired of the 2-3 year timeline to buy? Today's new customer is armed with their iPhones and has all of the answers. Or so they think!

There is a new and better way to provide service and sell to make a difference in peoples lives! Stick with John Weber Coaching and we will show you the way! Trust the system!



Past Projects:

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Sell with Integrity

John Weber has over 30 years experience selling, marketing and managing multi-million dollar real estate sales teams. The system that provided qualified leads that led to record sales has been adapted for this new age of sales and marketing. Gone are the days of trail closes and hard charging just to get a sale. You must have a plan, work a system and know who to deal with today's new breed of buyer!


  “John presented the best sales presentation I have seen in years, and I have seen the best"
                                                                   Paul Rizzo, Ex Vice Chairman IBM


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