The Mark of a Winner!

Tom Brady, the mark of a winner

The Mark of a Winner!

Are you kidding me?  Could you ever find a better winner than Tom Brady?  Five Super Bowl Rings!  Who does that?  Nobody!!  Love him or hate him, it is hard to ignore the fact that he wins!  I'm mean the guy didn't even start at the University of Michigan.  Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick in 2000.  Every pro football team has many scouts, team analyst and VP's looking at every player.  How do they put Tom Brady as a 6th round draft pick?  How can Tom Brady on the 1st day of practice walk up to Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots and tell him "Drafting me was the best decision you ever made".  How does all of this happen?

I will tell you how it happens.  It is called HEART!  The heart of a champion.  It is the one thing the scouts really can't see.  They can see the ability, the strength, the size and the speed.  But they can't see the character and the heart of a champion.  Only one person can see that, and that person is Tom Brady.

You can see it in yourself in the sales world.  In the world of sales you hear the word, NO a lot.  Yet you push forward.  If you take it personal you will go broke! You know your own abilities and you know your heart. Nobody is going to outwork you, I mean nobody!  Other sales reps have the numbers, the clients and experience, but real winners have the heart!  The heart of a champion.

Go for No!

There is a great book in the market called "Go for No".  It is an easy read, and you can knock it out in one day.  The premise of the book states that most sales people go for YES!  Once they get that, they are set and they made a sale and the day!!  What happens if you make a sale before 12 noon.  Sadly many sales people stop on the day.  When you go for no, you set a goal of, oh let's say 50 no's! You do not stop until you get your 50 no's!  You actually could end up with 5,6,7 sales, who knows!!  The heart of a champion moves forward no matter what!!

By the way..........I'm not a Patriots fan at all.  But I do admire excellence!!

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