Dream 100 Clients

Dream 100 Clients

I am not going to take credit for this idea. I must give credit where credit is due. The late great Chet Holmes came up with this idea and I read about it in his book years ago called The Ultimate Sales Machine. This is a great book and I highly recommend that you read it. Once I read this concept that Chet wrote about, I started doing it immediately. It really works great and I highly recommend you implement it ASAP! It is very similar to the 80-20 rule.

Chet calls this his Dream 100 Strategy. When I started using it I called it my Dream 25 Clients. You can insert any number you want. 25 was the right number for me. At the time, I only had 25 GREAT clients that I would put into this category. Here is how it works.

Everyone has their best clients, customer, prospects, whatever you want to call them. These best clients buy more often, buy more stuff and refer their friends more than anyone ever would. Simply put, they are you hottest and best people! You simply take this list of people and create a new list with just them. This list is the most valuable list you have and you will work them all the time. You will be relentless. Instead of working most of your clients in your CRM system, with occasional calls and occasional emails. You call the Dream Clients on a regular basis. You email them with educational information on a regular basis. You send them e-Blasts on a regular basis. You "hand write them" a note card on a regular basis. You send them the big envelop with big surprises inside. More on that later! These people can explode your business if done right.

This Dream Client list should be reviewed every 30 days. Your clients have to be "worthy" to be on the list. If you have a dead beat on the list. Get them off and put someone on the list that deserves. If you are keeping up with the list the proper way, you will know who is worthy!

This is going to keep you focused on these special clients. This means to focus over the long term on these very special people.  I can't tell you the number of nice luxury cars I have purchased over the years. Not one sales person ever contacted me afterward to get referrals. Once this Dream 100 client buys something from you they should go into a special category to get special attention. The power of a lifetime client is unreal. Think of the referrals! Develop an e-Blast each and every month to go to your buyers, and one to be targeted to your prospects. Mail Chimp and Constant Contact have excellent email programs and the are cheap to use. It makes you look professional and that you completely know what you are doing. You say you aren't very good at writing? Start an account today at a place called Fivver. This a crazy web site that charges you just $5.00 for great stuff. Logos, video's, writing, you name it and it has it. Yes, things are more than $5.00, but it is still cheap. Get yourself a logo for $10.00 and put it on your card. There are endless ways to promote yourself and what you do!

Ready, set, GO! Start the Dream 100 List and work them like crazy!!

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