My $250,000 Positioning Statement

My Directive - Develop a Strong Positioning Statement

About 11 years ago I was working with a certain Hotel group that had a presence in the Caribbean. It was one of the largest hotel companies in the world. They were putting a Ritz Carlton on an island in the Caribbean. New Ritz hotel and lots of expensive real estate. The island was to called Rose Island. One of the first things they wanted me to do was put together a POSITIONING STATEMENT for the property. I had put many positioning statements together in the past and I knew how important positioning was with the release of new real estate in a crowded market.

I put something together and presented to the hotel group and they said NO WAY. We have to dig deeper. Drill down! So, at their urging, I hired focus groups, ad agencies, photographers, digital marketers, and consultants. We spent months and thousands of dollars putting together a GREAT positioning statement. I presented again. Remember, no property was released and we are not selling yet. They said NO WAY, dig deeper! I was stunned. We are burning through money. For what reason?

So, back to the drawing board. More focus groups, more agencies, more consultants and spend more money. This was crazy, but we did it. At the end of the project, to create a one of a kind positioning statement, we ended up spending $250,000. As it turns out the hotel company was scared to death of releasing this high-end resort island real estate. The hotel group delayed and delayed and we kept spending and spending. The craziest thing I have ever seen with money!

To this day the island was never released because the crash soon hit and everyone pulled the plug. But we did create a KILLER Positioning Statement. A $250,000 positioning statement.


Introducing Rose Island

Tranquil as the turquoise waters that lap onto its white sand beaches, Rose Island is an oasis that beckons with the promise of serenity and relaxation. Encompassing some 225 acres, this charming island retreat only four miles from Nassau will offer guests and residents a wealth of memorable experiences and an array of accommodation choices ranging from the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel and condominiums to charming beachside villas; gracious townhomes overlooking the protected harbour to sumptuous private estates—all enjoying the uncompromising quality and personal service of Ritz-Carlton. 

Typical Buyer Profile

Age               49. years old
Income          1.7 Million
Net Worth Primary Residence          30 Million +

Professions          Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Celebrities, Athletes, Hedge Fund/Money Managers 

Luxury Possessions         Art, Antiques, Exotic Autos, Private Jets, Yachts, Horses, Wines, Vacation Homes 

Travel Destinations:   Greater New York Area, South Florida, California, England, Canada, Bahamas

Vision Statement:

Rose Island will offer its discerning affluent customer everything they want in a private island retreat: easy access; cachet; security; a superb Ritz-Carlton hotel; carefree home ownership; a protected, world-class harbour and yacht basin; a members-only yacht club; exceptional design and construction standards; a spa and wellness center; a wealth of experiences that are unique, personal and memorable and the outstanding service of the ladies and gentlemen of Ritz-Carlton.

Introducing a redefined, modern island style that celebrates the unique character and natural beauty of its setting, Rose Island will exude a warmth and charm distinctly its own. Every aspect of the community will adhere to high standards of preservation, conservation and sustainability. Residents, their families and guests will enjoy privacy without isolation, exclusivity without pretension and luxury without ostentation. Rose Island defines the “New” Bahamas. 

Rose Island - Bahamas

Rose Island - Bahamas

Positioning Statement:

Wealthy, elusive, discriminating, pressed for time, Rose Island’s discerning affluent customer longs for an idyllic retreat that is private, easy to get to, stylish, comfortable, carefree, offers one-of-a-kind experiences for all members of the family—a social and investment safe haven. Rose Island will be a private island destination that fulfills all these desires.


With its proximity to Nassau International airport—the capitol and major point of entry for the Bahamas with non-stop flights to many of the world’s leading cities—Rose Island is one of the most accessible and exclusive islands of the Caribbean. Private helicopter and yacht transfer to Rose Island will allow residents and guests to experience all the benefits of a private island retreat while offering proximity to dining, gaming, entertainment, leisure, shopping and cultural offerings of Nassau and neighboring Paradise Island. 


Rose Island will offer an exceptional opportunity to own a home of superb quality in a setting of pristine beauty while experiencing the best in personal service. Entry to the island will be carefully controlled. Homeowners will enjoy all the benefits of a Ritz-Carlton resort with its excellent restaurants and sumptuous spa; and will have the added privilege of membership in the Rose Island Yacht Club. The incomparable harbour will offer one of the most protected anchorages in the Caribbean. Yacht owners will experience unsurpassed service with access to Rose Island amenities and the personal attention of a dockside concierge. Embracing the yacht basin is the exciting Harbour Village—the very heartbeat of the community—with its world-class boutiques, dining, and entertainment venues for youth and adults alike. 


Designed and built to Ritz-Carlton’s exacting standards of excellence, Rose Island will stand apart. From its thoughtful land plan to its distinctive architecture, from its environmental sustainability to its outstanding property management, Rose Island will be truly exceptional. The lifestyle will be warm, relaxing and stylish. The range of choices for dining, accommodation, recreation, enrichment, rejuvenation, and social interaction will be unparalleled. Service will be imaginative, impeccable and individualized. 


A natural haven for wildlife, with one of the most protected harbours in all of the Caribbean, Rose Island is only four miles from Nassau, but worlds away from its crowds and congestion. One can truly relax in confidence that every aspect of the development has been designed to the highest standards, will be impeccably maintained and will be professionally managed by the Ritz-Carlton—the leader in providing outstanding customer service. The privacy, comfort and security of residents and guests will be paramount. 


Rose Island is being developed in partnership with a Miami developer, a Miami-based investment and development team with an extensive portfolio of outstanding luxury hotels and resort communities, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., one of the world’s most prestigious luxury hotel brands, and a world-renowned investment banking firm. The partners enjoy an excellent relationship with The Bahamian Government and are committed to preserving wherever possible the beauty and serenity of Rose Island while providing a resort community of exceptional quality. 

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