The Hyphen Between your Dates

What is Your Story?  1950 - ?

What is Your Story?  1950 - ?

You know, when it's all said and done, people will see your tombstone and they will see your birth date, then a hyphen and then your end date (death). This applies to everyone! No one escapes. So, with that in mind, it's all about the hyphen, isn't it? It's all about what you do here on earth. You were created by God to be here. You walked around this rock they called earth your entire life. We are speeding through space at 66,000 miles per hour and we are spinning around 1,600 miles per hour. Not a hair on your head is blowing. There is only one person like you in the entire world. That has been proven by DNA. I would consider it a miracle. So, what's your story? How are you contributing? Are you making a difference in peoples lives? I doubt seriously if the good Lord just put you here to take up space. 

Professional Sales Duty

I believe it is the professional sales consultants duty to be the best they can be. Know your inventory, know your customer, know your strengths and weaknesses. If you are actively selling in the world and you don't have a grasp on these items then it will be difficult for you to make your mark in the world. You should know that I am a HUGE University of Kentucky basketball fan. When you go to school there it just gets in your blood! Coach Cal always says "Be the best version of you"!  Make your mark! What do you want? Check out what Arnold Schwarzenegger says about being the best. He has a unique perceptive. Are you ready to make a commitment? 

Not long ago I had a daughter of a client, who bought a $2,000,000 home from me, speak to me in private. When I met her she said "Thank you for changing our life!" Really?  Very cool! Now that is cool to hear. I changed someone's life!

The Inventor of Dynamite

Consider this story. There was a man who lived in Sweden in the mid 1800's. He was a well known Swedish chemist, inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, business man, author and pacifist. His name was Alfred. He spoke five languages fluently at the age of 17. He was the man who invented dynamite along with 355 other patents. Although his business interests required him to travel almost constantly, he remained a lonely recluse who had fits of depression. In the 1870's and 1880's he built many factories throughout Europe that produced large quantities of dynamite. In 1887 he introduced a percuser to Cordite. He also discovered and created nitroglycerin.

In 1888 his brother Ludwig died in Cannes, France. The French newspapers made a mistake and reported that Alfred (the dynamite inventor) had died. Not his brother. The headline read “The merchant of death is dead”. The real Alfred sat there and read the story of his own death, but of course it wasn't his death. It was his brothers. Can you imagine that? What a shock! This bizarre incident led Alfred Nobel to create the world famous Nobel Peace Prize. Alfred Nobel left $31,000,000 to establish the prizes. That's $265,000,000 in todays dollars. The Noble Peace Prize honors outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and for work in peace. You see Alfred was worried about his "hyphen". He thought he would be remembered for destruction and death.

So here you sit in your sales world. Pondering how to make sales and how to make a difference. Take the time to get to know your client. Listen to what they are saying. Get out of the way from yourself. Make a difference and be the best!

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