The 7 Steps to Influence in Today's World

The 8 steps to Influence in todays world.

Many books talk about influence, salesmanship, and persuasion. Through the years I have probably read most of them. One of the best written on the market today is Influence by Robert B. Cialdini. If you haven't read the book, it is a must read! I had several of Cialdini's items on my list. I think I had them on my list before he wrote the book, but I won't argue the point. So the list you see below is the real deal. It is based on real-life experience in the trenches. 

1. Liking Factor: I don't care kind of selling you are involved in. If you have a scowl on your face when you are dealing with people, you will lose. People must actually like you for them to give you money. So, smile!

2. Authority: You know the guy. He wants to deal with whoever is in charge. I'm sure you have seen him. He is kind of a big shot himself, or he thinks he is and he wants to talk with the BOSS. But, this is true for other people as well. They just might tell you this. So, be aware of this critical fact, and you can work it to your advantage.

3. Scarcity: This is a BIGGIE. You see it everywhere you go with companies selling their products. "for a limited time," "only three left," and so on and so on. Be aware of it and use it!

4. Social Proof: People want to buy where like-minded people like them bought. Testimonials are also part of this strategy.

5. Fear of Loss: People always want what they can't have.

6. Keeping it Simple: This is important. Keep it very simple so your client can understand what you are even talking about.

7. Confidence: You can't sell without it. It is the inner "thing" that people can just see and feel.

8. Greed: If your customer thinks they can make money or they are going to benefit in a big way. They will be all in. 

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