All People Want is the Truth

Just Tell the Truth!

Just Tell the Truth!

You really can't blame the public. Everywhere the customer goes people are lying to them and taking advantage of them. I'm not even talking about a sales situation. I'm talking about everyday life. Dealing with people that aren't being honest with you. Co-workers, friends, even family. Everyone (2 Billion people) are on Facebook watching other people have fun, get rich, make it big at something and oh yes, the occasional cat videos. But that isn't even right. You are only viewing the good stuff that people chose to put on Facebook. Some of the people that are putting good things on Face have deep problems. It's just their release.

Truth Conquers--Veritas Vincit

Something to understand right now. Everybody has their share of problems; I mean EVERYBODY. Some handle it better than others, but people are dealing with all kinds of crap.

Can you even imagine if you walked into a sales office someplace and the sales professional sat you down and took the time to get to know you? I don't mean in a weird way. I mean in an honest, sincere way. Your job is to get the sale, right? But just rushing off to the home you are trying to sell or the car you MUST sell because your boss is all over you is the wrong way to go about it.

Slow down and take a moment to ask questions. Listen, read your prospect. What is going on here?  Your job is to find the real problem and to offer solutions that can help your client. 

If you can't figure what to say, you can focus on them and use the Old FORD technique. Ask them about FRIENDS, OCCUPATION, RECREATION, AND DREAMS. 

Above all else, tell the truth. They are expecting you to be a little slick. Why not surprise them and show them you are a nice person who wants to help them. I always like to stand in the customer's shoes.  How do I want to be treated? Remember the Platinum Rule!

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