Do You Have to be Lucky to Sell?

What defines luck?

What defines luck?


Do you have to be lucky to sell?

It just depends on what you define luck as. What is luck?

Luck occurs at the intersection of random chance, talent, hard work, and perseverance. I believe random events happen every single day in everyone's life. When you use the other three parts of luck, people take a hold of that random event and turn it into something good that happens to them. When that happens people say, "Oh, he got lucky!".

Character is developed when no one is looking! I can also say that hard work is done behind the scenes. Perseverance is a head game. So, let me get this straight, Random events you cannot control. talent, hard work, and perseverance you can control.

Let's break this down into steps to make it easy to understand.

1. Relentless: I'm going to put this in the group of work hard. When you are relentless you actually don't care what other people think of you or what you are doing. You have a laser focus and that is all you are doing. You work 7 days a week, nights, weekends, it just doesn't matter. This is above hard work! You are at full throttle all the time. It is all you have left. You are relentless. You are not saying "I will be relentless". "You ARE relentless!" There is a big difference! Relentless people make their own luck!

2. Pay attention to your surroundings: There are two kinds of focus. narrow focus which is seeing specific things and then you have open focus which is seeing the big picture. Don't be so focused that your head is down and you don't see what is around you. Pick your head up and observe. What is really going on here? Am I like everyone else? Doing the same work? Is there a better way that no one is really doing? Think your way through this. You can figure it out. Get off the standard path everyone is on. Do something different. Be noticed and get lucky!

3. Embrace your uncertainty: You must be willing to be uncomfortable. You have the talent, now push it.  Lot's of people have some kind of talent. It just goes unused! Uncertainty is your new friend! You must be willing to fail and learn from it. By failing, you will sharpen the talent. The more chances you take, the more the random acts may come into your life. If you just sit in your cubicle and never take a chance the randomness will pass you by. Make the talent better! Be a craftsman at what you do.

4. Persistence is the key: When you are persistent, you are optimistic. You are an upbeat person. Most people give up way to soon and then complain they had bad luck!  You are going to fail, fall down, get trampled. It is the way it is. Rejection is sales. BUT, those who never say "never say DIE" have a shot! They keep coming. When I mean they keep coming I mean like Paul Newman in  Cool Hand Luke. You gotta keep comin even when you got nothin!

5. Stay positive my Friend: This is part of perseverance. It is a negative world. Sales can be very negative because you are getting told no on a regular basis. Start living in a world of gratitude and things may change for you! Thank your lucky stars everyday you are above ground! Psychologist agree that the number one they see in lucky is a sense of optimism. Believing that you are in control of your environment will keep you pushing. When you don't believe it, people give up.