Education Marketing

Education Marketing

Do you want to stand out in a crowded market trying to get your customers attention in this new world of selling? Marketing and selling? I will call this Attunement Selling. I am using the term Daniel Pink coined in To Buy is Human. Attunement means being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being "at one" with another being. Remember that your customer has a ton of information on your product. You have to prove to them that you really do want to help them. That brings me to education marketing. You can call it education selling. Either way, you are going to stand out in a crowd with some type of education for the customer.

The approach of education based marketing and selling is the key for you to attract this new type of customer. The process helps them AND it makes you look like a complete professional. You are adding value to the entire process. Today's customer is going to take notice when you start sending emails to your customers that inform them on your product. Good things are going to happen. You see your competition is calling the customer and sending them emails. But the communication is one sided and very obvious to the customer what this salesperson is out for. He/she is out for themselves and a "quick sale". You, on the other hand, are in this for the long haul. You understand today's customer. You know they have information about your product and you know they are looking for some kind of partnership.

According to statistics only about 3% of people are actual buyers of your product right now. About 7% of people might be open to it and 30% of people aren't even thinking of the product. The other 60% of the population are simply not interested in what you are selling or they don't THINK they are interested. You have got to come up with something, with your marketing/selling approach, to appeal to more people than the small 3% of people. 

Help your customer by telling them how they are wasting money the way they are doing it now. Offer to educate them on the product. Create an image that you are a complete professional and you are adding value.


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