The Ten Commandments of Sales

The 10 Commandments of Sales

Sometimes it is just easier to print a document like this and put it near your desk. It simplifies the process and might make things easier when dealing with customers. This is directly from the school of hard knocks and it works! In the words of Stephen Covey, be proactive and begin with the end in mind!

I. Thou shall always have enthusiasm

Understand what you are doing and ignite the fire within.

II. Thou shall always be filled with gratitude & serve

Through God's grace, you are here on this earth to help your fellow man.

III. Thou shall be a complete expert in your business

Work, study and become an expert!

IV. Thou shall always create rapport and always use a customers name.

No-one will buy from you unless they like you and feel a bond with you.

V. Thou shall listen more than you talk

Shut thy mouth!

VI. Thou shall always use scarcity to create urgency

Understand the concepts of scarcity and use it.

VII. Thou shall always get small commitments to move forward

Make sure the customer is with you every step of the way.

VIII. Thou shall isolate and deal with objections

There are always at least two objections. The one they tell you and the one they won't. Deal with objections up front.

IX. Thou shall always ask for the order when the customer is ready,  willing and able

 Get the customer on one product, make sure they love it and can afford it.

X. Thou shall always ask for referrals

Create a customer for life!

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