Listen Your Way to the Sale

Listen You Way to a Sale

Everybody says "Listen your way to a sale"! I mean everyone in the business says to LISTEN! There must be something to this, right? When you see everyone say the same thing you figure it is important! God gave you two ears and one mouth.  So why are sales people not paying attention to this major advice?

Two Reasons

I think there are a couple of reasons for this. Reason number one; most sales people are not trained very well and they just talk, talk, talk. Nervous energy! They are thinking, if I just talk and charm them, I will get the sale. I have seen it work so I can't say it doesn't work. It just doesn't work very well. When you are as slick as they come you can get away with it (sometimes). Reason number two; When you are selling, it is important to get certain vital information out to the customer. The customer can't make a decision without having the information. The problem is, you can't help it. You just talk too much. Talk, talk, talk! Like I said, nervous energy.

Enough with the talking! Try getting to know your customer. Ask questions about them, their business, their dreams! Listen to what they they are saying! Get involved. Listen. What do all of your best friends have in common? They listen to you, don't they? I doubt you are good friends with people who talk about themselves. I hate that.

Getting the Objection

If you want to see a sales person talk a lot, give them an objection! Wow, look at them go. They are talking 100 words a minutes with gusts up to 200 words per minute! How about listening to the objection so you hear it clearly and then feed it back to them and then let the customer talk. That puts them on the spot and gets THEM going! I have seen customers talk themselves right out of the objection! It's pretty cool to see.

So, let's review. Try not talking so much for a month. You can do 30 day's right? Just get to know the customer. Give them the basic information and ask lots of questions. Really concentrate on this! Try it. You will like it!

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