You Have to Get the Close Ones!




You have to Get the Close Ones!

When you are actively selling day in and day out you will find the great clients and the not so great clients. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think any sale is easy.  Some may be easier than others but they all have their challenges. 

Even if you are not that great at closing you will have some people say YES to you and BUY , of course, most people (clients) say no.  You obviously have to work people. I think you will agree that in a year you have to get the clients that are"on the fence".  These are the people that will make a difference. So many people hem and haw when deciding.  Once you get people nodding their head in the right direction and they love the product, you know it's for them.  You know it is the exact thing they need.  They just can't seem to say yes! An invisible view stops them.

Why?  Why can't they say yes?  Here's is the fear of failure.  They secretly fear that they will make a mistake and they will fail! They think their boss will judge them, they fear their friends will laugh at them, they fear they will make the wrong decision and they LOSE!

When you know this it's like you have their playbook!  You know what they are going to say.  They say, "I'll think about it".  They say many more things but that is a good one.

They are also saying that they don't have enough information to make them comfortable.  You have to latch on like a bulldog and keep going.  That client has got to buy.  If they buy your sales numbers go way up!  If they don't that client goes in a pile of the other "close ones". The sale is made or it's not.  Like I always say, "they don't footnote the record books".

When you are close, and I mean really close, get them over the fear of failure.  It is an invisible veil that stops them in their tracks.  Help them and guide them through it!

It helps them and it helps you! Change a life! Get them to say YES!

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