The sales game has changed and the customers are armed with new information and motives. Gone are the days of the hard close. Since 1985 John Weber has been working with sales organizations and individuals with their marketing and selling of high ticket luxury properties.  Most notably, luxury real estate. Over the years John has trained and learned from the best in the business.  His time tested techniques can be taught to anyone in a selling environment. It is important to understand that the environment has changed. The buyers have changed! Trust is dead.

Vision Statement

JOHN WEBER COACHING will offer sales and marketing services to it's clients in a refined modern approach that is in step with today's technology.  Our coaching clients will be sales groups, one on one training and speaking on the art and science of persuasion. These principals will apply to a new generation of customers where they have been armed with information to combat the hard closer. JOHN WEBER COACHING is designed for professionals who wish to improve themselves or their company in the world of sales and marketing for today's complex and busy world.

John presented the best sales presentation I have seen in years, and I have seen the best!
— Paul Rizzo, Ex Vice Chairman IBM

What we can do to help you

  • Give you a sales system that works
  • Improve and nurture your funnel so that buyers begin to call you!
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Give you solid fundamentals on the sales process so you have a road map
  • Teach you to deal with today's customer who has more control that you do
  • Explain the 7 factors of human influence and how to use them
  • Teach you the essentials of gaining commitments to move the sale forward in the information age.
  • Teach you how to overcome todays objections
  • Critique the entire sales team and system to make it win in todays fast paced world
  • Implement the best presentation in the world so you shine!
  • Show you a marketing plan designed to get LEADS

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